The Club, which has absolute independence from any other organization or institution and is moved by purely charitable, altruistic reasons and general interest, aims:

a)    To promote and organize all kind of cultural, educational, social and charitable acts to encourage the interest in the expansion of human knowledge in general and to contribute ultimately to the improvement of human coexistence, particularly in relation to the educational purposes pursued by Harvard University.

b)    To promote the activities and projects of Harvard University, as well as trying to instill in the wider social sphere of influence the spirit of comradeship and fraternity that Harvard University advocates, promoting the pursuit of personal growth and contributing to the achievement of intellectual, economic and human aims that are Harvard University standard.

c)    To provide economic, human or technical means, to the extent possible, to prospective students of Harvard University who, having he necessary intellectual skills, do not have the resources to access it.

d)    To collect and raise funds for attaining the purposes above.

e)    To promote closer relations among Spanish Harvard alumni with Harvard University and other Universities.
In line with the provisions of the HAA Criteria for Starting or Reviving Harvard Club, the following may be members of the Club:

a)    Those individuals who (i) have completed formal studies at Harvard University, obtaining the relevant degree; (ii) have completed a semester at Harvard University or at Radcliffe College as  students or teachers; (iii) have received a certificate for completing an official program at Harvard University during nine (9) weeks or more; (iv) have received an honorary degree from Harvard University; and (v) parents of undergraduate students at Harvard University while those students are taking academic courses; and

b)    Those who, by virtue of their particular circumstances and merits, are admitted to the Club, proposed by the President and with majority approval of the Board of Directors.
Provided such eligibility requirements are met, anyone who pays the applicable fees set out by the Board of Directors may be a member of the Club. The members will fully enjoy the rights provided for under the Bylaws of the Club and applicable law.
The direction, management and representation of the Club shall be vested in a Board of Directors which shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a number of Board members, which may not be less than three (3) and no more than twenty (20). All positions referred to hereby shall be borne by individuals who meet the eligibility requirements of the Club.

The outgoing President pursuant will belong to the Board of Directors serving as a Board member for an additional term of three years, and will be factored in for purposes of determining the maximum number of Board members allowed in the Bylaws of the Club.

Each of the components of the Board of Directors shall have the rights and duties inherent to their position.
The Board of Directors may propose the appointment of honorary members to the General Assembly in response to the extraordinary circumstances of the candidate or their significant contribution to the Club.
By decision of the General Assembly, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I is Honorary President of the Club.
The election of members of the Board of Directors of the Club shall require the submission of a complete candidacy with all positions required by the Bylaws of the Club, which should include representatives from as many Schools of Harvard University as possible. The candidacy must be elected by decision of the Extraordinary General Assembly from candidacies that had been submitted to the Board of Directors at least fifteen (15) calendar days before the holding of the General Assembly.

Members and positions composing the Board of Directors shall serve for three (3) years from the date of acceptance of their appointment, and may be reelected up to a maximum of nine (9) years. 
The Board of Directors may replace on an interim basis the vacancies that may arise within that term of office of three (3) years. The Board of Directors may also appoint, on an exceptional basis and provided that there is a justified cause, new members of the Board of Directors without exceeding the maximum number of Board members set out in the Bylaws of the Club. The new members of the Board of Directors elected under the provisions of this paragraph shall be ratified at the next General Assembly by the vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members of the Club present or represented.
The position of the Board of Directors shall be unpaid.