Harvard Prize Book


The Harvard Club of Spain awards a selected book to an outstanding student in the previous year to start senior high school who is highly qualified, shows exceptional personal qualities and makes a significant contribution to the school and/or community.

The Harvard Prize Book program was started by Harvard alumni in 1910.  Today, more than 1,700 Harvard Prize Books are awarded annually around the world.

With this initiative the Harvard Club of Spain aims to raise Harvard’s visibility among Spanish secondary schools and to encourage outstanding students to consider College Education in USA. Many students may have heard of Harvard University but still be unfamiliar with the opportunities afforded by our undergraduate education or unaware of the availability of financial aid.  To tackle this challenge and in collaboration with the Fulbright Association in Spain, the awarded student can join the program EducationUSA Competitive College Club and receive for two years starting in September assessment and coaching to apply to competitive American colleges and universities.  

If you are interested in contributing to this initiative please contact us at harvardclubofspain@harvard.post.edu.