Why Join?

By joining the Harvard Club of Spain you will have the opportunity to attend intellectually stimulating events with top world recognized personalities.
You will have opportunities for networking with local and world fellow alumni, which expand your level of contacts exponentially.
You are contributing to the permanence of the club as an entity in charge of organizing, and coordinating all the activities for alumni. This services include helping prospective students both from college and graduate schools become better applicants.
You will be part of a community that values the University ideals of excellence in educations as well as public service.
You will have priority when events have a limited capacity.
You will be elegible to participate in some events that are held on a small number basis .Ex. We get 25 free tickets for a rehearsal of a concert or for a private collectors visit during ARCO art exhibit. Those tickets will be given to dues paying members only, and we will raffle them among those that will tell us that are interested in attending.
You will have a discounted (member´s) price in all events held by the club.
You will receive the Harvard Global Pass card. Which is a Harvard University organized program that allows you to attend events in countries all over the world, at the same price as the local members of that particular country.