Book Discussion with HBS Prof. Michael Tushman February 3 2022


3 de febrero 2022

18:00h (12:00 Boston Time)



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Compartimos con vosotros la invitación al webinar “Book Discussion with HBS Prof. Michael Tushman & Andrew Bings” que organizamos en colaboración con el HBS Club of Toronto y otros Clubes el próximo 3 de febrero.


Abajo, en la invitación, encontraréis información detallada  del evento y el link de inscripción.


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Book Discussion with HBS Prof. Michael Tushman & Andrew Bings


Thursday, February 3, 2022

12:00 - 1:00pm Boston Time




HBS Club of Toronto, in collaboration with others, presents a conversation with HBS Professor Michael Tushman and Andrew Binns on the topic of their upcoming book Corporate Explorer” and the 2nd edition of Professor Tushman and Professor Charles O’Reilly’s book Lead and Disrupt


Corporate Explorer

  • Innovation used to be seen as a game best left to entrepreneurs, but now a new breed of corporate managers is flipping this logic on its head. These Corporate Explorers have the insight, resilience, and discipline to overcome the obstacles and build new ventures from inside even the largest organizations.
  • Corporate Explorers are part entrepreneurs, using innovation disciplines to jump start cutting-edge ideas, and part change leaders, capable of creating support for investment.
  • They see that corporations already own the ideas, resources, and—critically—the talent to build new ventures. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Bosch, LexisNexis, and Analog Devices enable managers to put these assets to use and gain an upper hand over startups that threaten to disrupt them.

Michael Tushman is Baker Foundation Professor, Paul R Lawrence, MBA Class of 1942 Professor Emeritus, and Charles (Tex) Thornton Chair of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at the Harvard Business School. In addition to AMP, he is faculty co-chair of Leading Change and Organizational Renewal and is a former Faculty Chair for HBS’ Program for Leadership Development (PLD). He also teaches in the Harvard Business Analytics Program, Harvard’s first cross-university and online executive program.


Andrew Binns works with CEOs, boards, and senior teams as they lead significant business change. He is a co-founder of Change Logic and manages the firm on behalf of the partnership. Andy has twenty-five years of consulting experience as both an external and internal consultant for McKinsey & Co., the IBM Corporation, and Change Logic. At IBM, Andy was deeply involved in the ‘Emerging Business Opportunity’ program, for which he received an award from IBM’s Vice-Chairman.