Thales Teixeira


Lumry Family Associate Professor at Harvard Business School


"A Recipe for Digital Disruption

19 Junio de 2019



Edificio Mutua Madrileña
Calle Fortuny, 20, 28010 Madrid
Con la colaboración de Mutuactivos

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Is there a recipe for start-ups using digital technologies and models to disrupt industries? In recent years a new wave of digital disruption has been taking over the Internet. It is characterized by business models focusing on the separation of consumption activities that tradicionally went together such as content and advertising, or browsing and purchasing products.


In this talk, Harvard Professor and Economics of Attention pioneer Thales Teixeira will explore the concept of "deocoupling", and describe how variety or firms -- both incumbents and start-ups -- are using digital business models to disrupt industries by breaking the links between activities that consumers want to do and what they previously were forced to do together.


We will discuss examples from industries such as advertising, retailing, telecom, education, transportation, healthcare and media, among others. This talk is based on Teixeira's new Book, "Unlocking the Costumer Value Chain".     


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Professor Teixeira will be glad to sign the book after the talk.




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