Almuerzo con Vicente del Bosque (MAD)

July 5, 2011

On July 5, 2011 in an unprecedented and very well attended event where children, young adults and older adults joined at the Harvard Club of Spain, Vicente del Bosque, head coach and leader  of the Spanish soccer team, delighted everybody with his jokes, anecdotes and strategies about the 2010 World Soccer Champions team.

With the greatest humbleness Mr. Del Bosque explained some of the keys to his success, strategies, training techniques, emotional wellbeing, etc.

When asked about the biggest difficulties Del Bosque said “We have 23 players training and traveling but only 11 of them can be on the grass at any given time.  Deciding who you choose and who you leave out can be very painful both for me and for them.”

Every single member thanked him for the moments of happiness he and his team had given to all Spanish families.