First event of the new Board great success!

March 4, 2009

Top Israeli Government Official, Diplomat and Academic


  Shlomo Ben-Ami Addresses

Harvard Club of Spain

  Madrid, 3rd March 2009 – In its first meeting under new leadership elected in January, the Harvard Club of Spain hosted Israeli politician, diplomat and academic Shlomo Ben-Ami at a lunch attended by a large amount of Club members at Madrid’s Hotel Ritz.

Ben Ami is a former member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) and he served as Israeli Interior and (1991) Foreign Minister (2000-2001) as well as Israeli Ambassador to Spain (1987-1991)

Speaking without notes and peppering his remarks with humor as well as data and interpretation, Ben-Ami did not skirt controversial issues. 

“Israel is not a threat to Middle East peace,” he told the audience.

Mr. Ben Ami provided the audience with a very wide and complex perspective from which to look at the conflict and he proposed a new and paradigm for a deeper and innovative understanding. He also suggested new insights for possible solutions.

 “We are proud to have a figure of Mr. Ben-Ami’s stature, intellect and reputation said incoming Harvard Club of Spain President Raquel Meizoso in her introduction.  “When (Harvard Club Vice President) Inigo Sanchez-Asiain suggested Shlomo Ben Ami as our first speaker this year, it was clear that this was a great choice,” said Meizoso.