Welcome to Harvard Club of Spain.

As of July 6, 2022 we have a new President and Board of Officers who are deeply committed and excited to continue to create a strong Harvard Community in Spain. We want to reach out to all Harvard alumni who are based in Spain to motivate them to participate in all sorts of events in meaningful and stimulating ways.

The Harvard Club of Spain is a private, non-profit association, created to serve Spain-based Harvard alumni, from the College and all graduate and professional schools, encouraging them to stay connected with the University and with each other.
The Harvard Club of Spain is an international community of over 1,200 alumni. Our aim is to create strong networking, friendship and educational opportunities for all.  Many of you have already become part of the Club and benefited from the impressive number of stimulating people - both members and guest speakers - that gather for our meetings.  But the potential is enormous.  We encourage both those who are permanently based in Spain, as well as new international alumni who are on a temporary basis, to join us. Our membership numbers are growing rapidly. We similarly invite Harvard faculty and leaders who find themselves in Spain to visit the club and encourage them to participate in our events.

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